This standard of digital connectivity at this scale, across one location, has never before been achieved in the UK.

The high-speed fibre network makes this one of the most connected media hubs in Europe, able to move live and on-demand content in any format to anywhere.

The vital technology that underpins the success of MediaCityUK is managed by dock10.

dock10 also provides telephony, broadband, co-location and fibre connectivity across the MediaCityUK site.

What does a Wired Certified Neighbourhood mean for you?

A Wired Certified Neighbourhood means that all businesses, residents, and visitors have access to best-in-class internet throughout all indoor and outdoor spaces across MediaCityUK, allowing a seamless experience. The digital infrastructure in place is incredibly resilient and ensures there are backup providers in the case anything goes wrong to mitigate any internet downtime. When moving from one space to another, the time it takes to get connected to the internet has been optimised for both businesses and individuals, providing you with the best user experience as soon as you move in.


dock10’s high-speed cross-site fibre network connects everyone with each other, making MediaCityUK the most connected community in the UK.


Phone and broadband

Across MediaCityUK, dock10 installs the latest telephone and broadband services, built to the highest specs and adapted exactly to the needs of businesses and residents.


Co-location hosting

The very definition of robust and resilient, our purpose-built high-specification data centre is the safest place for specialist kit, from a single unit to whole racks of space.


Tenant television services

From a single set-top box to a building full of goggle-boxes, dock10 provides MediaCityUK occupiers with complete IPTV services to access free-to-air channels and premium packages.


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